A garden designed and built by PLT Design using Sandstone paving, lush planting and a raised lawn

The brief for this garden was to create a contemporary space that was more user friendly. The existing garden consisted of a small patio and pathway leading to the garage and the rest was laid to lawn, including an area to the side of the house where the shed was located which was not ideal. The clients wanted a larger more usable patio area but one which did not dominate the garden as they also wanted to keep a large lawn and introduce planting borders. The clients also wanted the side shed area to be paved. In response to this we created a contemporary geometric design with clean lines. The original garden also sloped up away from the house so to solve this we created different levels. The patio was at the lower level with a raised lawn and a decking path stepping up towards the garage. The side area was also paved and to hide the shed from view contemporary slotted trellis panels were installed with planting beds in front. The planting scheme was designed to create interest all year using a mix of evergreens and perennials, utilizing different foliage texture and colour with a predominantly white flower palette. The end result was a stylish contemporary garden.



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The Design:

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After: 18 months after completion

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