A japanese style garden carpeted in fallen Cherry blossom

The client wanted a low maintenance garden based on a Japanese theme. The original garden was a blank canvas as the house had just been built, however there was a considerable slope to the garden and it was quite overlooked. The design was based on a Japanese ‘Karesansui’ or dry landscape garden. To remove the slope the garden was tiered into an upper and lower level using large purbeck rocks. A dry river bed runs diagonally across the garden. Stepping stones allow access to the garden, with a Japanese style wooden humpback bridge crossing the dry river bed. This leads to an arbour in the corner, a place to sit, relax and enjoy views of the garden. Another seating area is located in the top corner of the garden next to a railway sleeper focal point. The planting scheme is low maintenance, being predominantly evergreen and offering all year round interest. Three feature blossoming Cherry trees were planted to further enhance the Japanese feel and prevent the garden from being overlooked. The end result is a calm and serene garden to sit and relax in and enjoy the different views.





The design:



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